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Fast Track Timers and
Freedom Aluminum Tracks

Freedom Aluminum Tracks

Our Freedom aluminum tracks were designed by a team of MIT engineers based on Cub Scout Leader "How-To Book" specifications to be durable, easy to assemble and easy to store.

Click here to see a video of our track being asssembled.

The Freedom Tracks come with an unconditional guarantee: No matter how old your track is, if you feel you haven't gotten your moneys worth, we will do what it takes to make it right!

We also have technical support 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

cover track

track back
Our track is assembled straight and flat, then two 10 lb. weights are added to create the bow. Because the lanes flex as a unit, they are not susceptible to lane-to-lane variations as in some pre-bent tracks. This design also makes storage easier because it can be packed flat in a case only 6 inches tall! (For example= 96” long, 15” wide, 6” tall). More

stow 8


All of our tracks are extruded on our own custom designed die from 6061-T6511 aluminum.This material is resistant to corrosion and has a high surface hardness to insure against the denting and nicking prevalent in other aluminum tracks. More


Cross-section of track.


loader 0


We thought we would demonstrate the toughness of our track by driving over it with a front end loader. No other track on the market can survive this test.



We also have an Anodized Option available to protect the aluminum surface of your track. Our experience has been that even after ten years the anodized track looks like new.

We believe in the anodizing process so much that if you get a scratch on the surface of your anodized track, ship it to us and Derbywizard will replace it for only the price of shipping. For information on the anodizing process click here.

You can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 6 lanes and from 32’, 40’ or 48’ lengths. You can add additional lanes and length anytime in the future.

Our tracks include:
- Mechanical Start Gate
- All hardware for assembly (except the two 10 lb. weights - the shipping is way too expensive for you to pay and the weights are readily availble at your local discount stores for less than $20.00!)
- The stand
- The braking system

- Our newly designed Light Tree & Automatic Gate Release is an exciting way to start your races.

- Set one of our Pinewood Staging Stadiums next to your starting line. This sturdy yet lightweight multiple car display stand stores and organizes up to 48 cars!


Fast Track Timers

All of our timers - - -

- Have our Fast Track Timer Guarantee: Within 3 years of the date of sale, you may return your Fast Track Timer for repair at no cost.

- We have technical support 24 hours a day - 7 days a week .

- Our timers are accurate to within 0.0002 of a second.

- Are not affected by photo flash - we guarantee it!

- Has the ability to send actual times to a computer with the purchase of the Computer Serial interface option. It costs $ 60.00, and comes with a remote start switch (RS), USB to serial converter (USB) and 40 foot computer serial cable (SC) (extra 40' long cables are available for $ 15.00). It also comes with extra computer options. See the individual timer pages for more information.

You can choose from 3 timer styles with different displays and functions to fit your wallet and individual event!


K1 - Flashing Light Display -
- Our Most Economical Timer

This timer lets you know the order in which the cars finished with red flashing lights that can be seen from both sides. First place is designated with a steady light, second with a flickering light, third with a slow blinking light and fourth with the light off.
- Available for 2 to 4 lanes.
- Comes with 9v power adapter to plug into any standard outlet.
More information and prices


K2 - extra large 2 1/4" high LED digits
Sequence-of-Finish Display
- Our Most Popular Timer
- Easy to see and easy for the kids to understand.
- Comes with a Start Switch, Cable and a 9v power adapter to plug into any standard outlet.

- Available for 2 to 6 lanes.
More information and prices


K3 - 4 Digit .8" LED Display, will alternate showing times or Sequence-of-Finish
- All Information at the Finish Line

- This timer displays individual times from start to finish to the thousandth of a second, and will alternate to sequence-of-finish.
- Best timer for time trials
- Comes with a Start Switch, Cable and a 9v power adapter to plug into any standard outlet..
- Available for 1 to 6 lanes.
More information and prices

We have a wealth of options for our timers. They are available with or without the ability to send times to a computer, as a kit or fully assembled, or bundled with a laser start gate at a reduced price. To help you decide visit our "How to choose a timer" page.

Additional Timer Options:
- If viewing the race results from the front and the back of the timer is an option you would like, our Double Vision Timer is available in the K2 and K3 models.

- For your Derbywizard Timer that has the computer serial interface option, we have the Remote Time Display that shows lanes times and place of finish anywhere you set it (It comes with a 40' cable). No computer is required although you may use one with it.

- Since very accurate race starts are important, we carry a Laser Start Gate that projects a laser beam across the starting line. When the cars are released, they interrup the beam and the timer begins counting. Very high tech!

- If you purchase the Computer Serial Interface (which only sends the race times to your computer), you might be interested in Race Management Software. We sell two compatible packages: GPRM - GrandPrix Race Manager Pro Software and GPRL - GrandPrix Race Manager Lite Software. They will allow you to run races based on fastest or average time, plus much more. Derby Master and Derby Day! software packages are also compatible with our timers and is available directly from their websites.

- Is your race outdoors or away from an electricity source? Our Battery Pack is the answer! It uses 6 "C" batteries (not included) for hours of racing.