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Timer and Track Technical Support Contact Information

If you are having issues with your track, most questions are addressed below.
Please review the information below before contacting us.

If you still have a problem with one of our products contact:

Emergency 24 hour cell phone support:
859-380-3882 - Ask for Stuart Ferguson



Frequently Asked Questions for the Derbywizard Freedom Aluminum Tracks

Q. Is there a video to help me learn to assemble a track?
A. Yes. We created a video showing the assembly process. Track Assembly Video. We also have a video showing the setup/teardown process.

Q. How do I clean the tracks?
A. Just wipe it clean with a soft cloth and mild household cleaner.

Q. Can I buy extra lanes?
A.Yes. Call our office for cost and shipping information. Keep in mind that your current timer might not fit your track with extra lanes.

Q. Why are all of your tracks anodized?
A. Anodizing is an electro-chemical process which physically alters the surface of the metal to produce a tough oxide layer on the surface. This tough layer helps to prevent scratches and fingerprints on the surface of your track.
We believe in the anodizing process so much that if you get a scratch on the surface of your anodized track, ship it to us and Derbywizard will replace it for only the price of shipping.

Q. Do you sell a case for the track?
A. We have contemplated selling cases but think the price (especially shipping) would be prohibitive. Since the track is easily disassembled for storage, we have designed a storage case you can build yourself. Download the Storage Case Instructions here.

Q. The holes don't line up on the AB section of my track. Is there a fix for this?
A. You may have the flange plate going the wrong direction. Turn it 90 degrees and see if it lines up better. See photo for the correct orientation:

:track plate