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Our Most Economical Timer.
This timer lets you know the order in which the cars finished with red flashing lights that can be seen from both sides. First place is designated with a steady light, second with a flickering light and third with a slow blinking light.
- Has an automatic reset when used without a computer.
- Has the ability to send actual times of your race to your computer if you. purchase the optional Computer Serial Interface Package (PS).

It is custom made to measure for tracks from 2 to 4 lanes
Is available completely assembled or as a kit.
NOTE - To run Race Management Software with this timer, you must have the Computer Serial Interface (PS).

The K1 Kit

The timer kits are a low cost alternative to a fully assembled timer. The kit includes all the hardware that you need to build a professional looking finish line display. The electronics come fully assembled and it just requires carpentry skills to complete the timer. It requires you to drill the plastic to a printed template that we give you and then drill the aluminum pieces to your own track measurements. We supply you with detailed instructions for building the timer - all you need is the tools and some time. We still custom build the kit to the track so we need your lane measurements (like we do with an assembled timer). The kit assembly takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Picture of a kit

# of Lanes






- - -




K1K (kit)

- - -




PS - Computer Serial Interface Package
For the K1 Timer:......$
(Upgrading the older P1 timers (PSU) will cost $ because we have to physically retrofit the timer. )
(If you are ordering this option for a previously purchased timer, please call our office with your custom specifications.)
NOTE: The PS does not include software to manage your race. If you are interested in purchasing Race Management software, we carry GrandPrix Race Manager Software Pro on CD for.......$
Derby Day! software package is also compatible with our timers. It is free and available directly from their website.
DerbyNet Open-source Pinewood Derby race management, built around a web server and database. The PS Option includes:
- PSC that allows your timer to send times to a computer or RTD (Remote Time Display). With this option and a computer you can see the times from any of our timers.
- a 50 foot, 9 pin serial cable
- the Remote Start Switch
- the USB to Serial interface converter
- and some simple data display software.
It also comes these extra computer options:


Serial Race Data sent to computer


Mask Lanes


Reverse Lanes




Force Print


Reset Laser

SC - Extra PS cable for the K-Series Timers
Extra 50 foot long cable to use in addition to the 50 foot cable that comes with the PS option for the K-Series timers.

Additional Timer Options
Check out our Timer Accessories page for information on The Double Vision, the Remote time Display and other items to enhance your race.