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What is a Quick Mount?

Flat wooden, Derbywizard Freedom Aluminum or Piantedosi Track that doesn't need a Quick Mount with normal mounted timer

If your track has side rails, or does not sit flat on the floor, you might need a Quick mount.
Normally, our timer looks like a picture frame. One corner unscrews and hinges down to fit under your track. The sensors fit right next to the underside of your track so the emitters can shine through the holes to the sensors. There are two mounting screws drilled through the track to hold the timer in place.

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Best Track Mounting System

The Best Track does have side rails, but we have worked with the folks at Best Track and have found a way to mount the timer to their track without a Quick Mount. This means that you are not getting charged the extra cost of a Quick Mount, but you WILL need to specify that you have a Best Track on the order form so that we can give you the right mounting hardware.

If you have the older Best Track Quick Mount Design (before June 23, 2004), click here for the older instructions.

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Beta Craft or any other track with large side rails

The Beta Craft Aluminum Track and some other custom tracks have side rails for which we recommend a Quick mount. The Quick Mount has mounting posts on both sides of the track. The sensors and a wooden slat that matches the rest of the cross frame members on your track are permanently glued to the underside so the sensors are pointing through holes in each lane. We put a connector socket attached to the sensors in the side rail. You then just slide the timer over the side brackets and plug it into the sensors. To take the timer off your track, just unplug it and slide it off. Because of the extra parts and labor involved, this Quick Mount costs $20.00.