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Our Tracks are Built for High Strength and Durability:

Potential customers often want to know about the strength of our track. A typical pinewood derby track ranges in length from 32 to 48 feet! Instead of walking around, scouts (and adults) will invariably walk across the track. What will happen if someone steps on the track? We thought we would demonstrate the toughness of our track by driving over it with a front end loader. No other track on the market can survive this test.

You may call our office to request a free sample of our track to see for yourself the quality and workmanship of our products.

Why is our track so strong?

The solid cross section of our Freedom Series track ranges from a bridged maximum of .500" (1/2") thick to a minimum of .125" (1/8") thick. Other aluminum tracks on the market have a maximum of .054", which is about 1/20th of an inch!

loader 1

A thick, fully supported cross section also is advantageous in what we call the 'hammer drop' test. If someone drops a hammer or power drill on the track as they step across it, our track will be fine. At most you might raise a small nick with a sharp edge impact. The worst case scenario is that the nick occurs on the tire path and has to be filed smooth. With other aluminum tracks, the same 'hammer drop' will effectively end your race; sending everyone home until you receive and assemble a replacement section.