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Aluminum Pinewood Derby Track

Aluminum Pinewood Derby Track

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Our anodized aluminum track is available in lengths of 32', 40' or 48' long.  Our track stores flat with no curved track section.  Instead you add weight to the track stand causing it to flex into a long and natural curve just like you would with a wooden track.

Your track order includes the Start Gate, Stop Section, Track Stand and Track Shims.  It does not include the 2, 10 pound weights that should be added to the bar to cause the track to flex into a curve.  It also does not include any timer at the finish line.

Our anodized aluminum finish gives it a strong and long lasting finish that is resistant to scratches.  And due to the thing track sections without a curve you can even build a wooden crate for storage that makes all of the track parts easy to transport.  You can see plans for our crate here:

We can ship our tracks around the world, but you need to contact us for a shipping quote to your address.  Shipping to the United States is calculated with your order.  You can even pick up the track from our location in Union, Kentucky if you want.

You can see more about our track and how it is assembled here: 

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